Zefal shield r30 road mudguards now in store at kilmallock cycles.


Video on how to fit your new Zefal Shield R30 Racing Bike Mudguards

The Shield R30 has been expressly made for road bikes. This mudguard ensures stable mounting via its U brackets keeping the mudguard rigid with no vibrations even on rough terrain and offers the best protection by covering almost the entire wheel.
Zefal Shield R30 mudguards are a new option for those who want a dry bum in the winter despite riding a close-clearance road bike. They do keep the spray off, once you’ve puzzled your way through getting them installed.
Shields are made from what Zefal describe as ‘technopolymer resin’ and looks like thick, tough moulded nylon. There’s more material here than you’ll find on a RoadRacer, and they’re noticeably more robust, though not as tough as SKS’ plastic/aluminium laminate.
The stays are steel, which also helps keep the guards stiff as well as being hard to break. If you get something stuck in your wheel, they should pull out of the frame clamps rather than break.

More Information ...

Weight: 370g the pair
Blade Width: Road bikes: 30mm
Wheel Dia : 700c

They mount using a combination of O-rings, rubber ladder straps and plastic clips, with metal stays that are held in clamps on the frame.


– MD-Quick fixation easy to assemble and disassemble.

– Mudguard adaptable to road bikes, width 30 mm

– Great protection of the wheel: 80% coverage of the wheel for greater protection of the cyclist and the surrounding area.

– U-bar with reinforced lateral stiffness for better stability.

– Adjustable fixing system of the rods according to the geometry of the bicycle.

– Extra long barber for optimal protection.


Data sheet:

– Material: Technopolymer resin

– Weight: 380 g

– Fixation: MD-Quick with universal fixing

– Diameter of the wheels: 700c / 28 ”

– Slat width: 30 mm / 1.18

Top Features:

  • MD-Quick Fixation: Easy to mount and remove.
  • Road Bikes: Made for road bikes with a 30mm width.
  • U Stays: Keeps the mudguard rigid. No vibrations even on rough terrain.
  • Adjustable Clip: Adjustable tube mounts to fit bike’s geometry.
  • Wheel Cover: Better protection of the rider and following companions by covering more than 80% of t
  • Extra Long Spoiler: Included for optimal protection.
  • Material: Technopolymer resin
  • Fixation: MD-Quick: On fork and stays, adjustable to 75mm

Product Data

  • Commuter: Yes
  • Touring: Yes
  • Road: Yes
  • Racing Bikes: Yes


  • Robert Maier            This now the 2nd set of Zefal R30 mudguards I am using on my bikes since 3 years. I am using them on my 7 year old Specialized Roubaix Roadbike which has very limited space in the fork and the rear stays but these mudguards fit into the tightest of spaces and maintain their position solidly and stable. over 1000’s of km. I am using them all year round since here in Scotland we never have reliable and stable weather allowing one to forgo mudguards. All in all I can recommend these mudguards to anyone with a roadbike and up to 25 mm tyres. If your frame has a bit more space than my Roubaix you can also use 28mm tyres, but 30mm will be a bit of a push for a roadbike frame.
  • Mr O Brien                        Bought to replace a set of crud catchers which broke when I was knocked off my bike. Very impressed with the quality, easy to fit and have excellent coverage.
  • Alexhj     Having struggled with ‘normal’ mudguards due to close clearances I thought I would try these, and they work very well!. I was expecting a struggle to fit them (after reading other reviews) but with some planning and my bike on a workshop stand, it took about 10 minutes. No rubbing when I ride, though they flap a little bit and catch the wheel on a big bump due to the flexibility. Overall I am really happy with them.
  • Mr Butterfield                      These are excellent. Easy to fit, very stable and just wide enough for 28mm tyres. Highly recommended for frames with no mudguard eyes.
  • Mr Green      It’s a bit fiddly to fit and adjust but once fitted works as it should.
  • Annie         A little harder to install than expected however very nice fit to my road bike. Means a nicer and dryer commute.
  • Mr Hayes         Great product …At first didnt think they would fit my bike because of the narrow brake/ frame clearance but zefal have thought of everything. They provide 3 different spacers for underneath the brake caliper…This allows you to secure the mudguard with the cable tie to both back and front mudguards… Easy enough to assemble, I had them fixed in about 20mins … don’t be put off by all the pieces! There is an extra-long mudguard attachment for the rear guard if you wish to change it… I haven’t been on the bike since I fitted them but will report back as soon as I try them out.