Giant – the illume sock neon yellow. it’s time for a little bit of foot love.


Be stylish and be seen at the same time, the Illume sock is your perfect kit partner. It’s time for a bit of Foot Love.

High-ventilation and moisture transfer with X-Odor™ yarn for anti-odour and anti-bacterial
TransTextura Plus™ fabric transfers moisture and eliminates odour-causing bacteria
High-visibility yellow with reflective elements to increase visibility
Reinforced cushion on forefeet and heels to help relieve pressure
Arch compression for better support and muscle stabilisation
Micro-nylon yarn in toe provides soft yet durable function
Ultra-high gauge 200 needle count for thin, smooth touch
Y-gore heel construction
8-inch cuff.

Love your Feet, It’s time for a little Foot Love.

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It’s time for a bit of Foot Love.

Sizes: M, L
Fabric: 60% polyester, 6% nylon, 32% spandex, 2% X-Odor (polyester) and plenty of FOOT LOVE. Love your feet as they push the pedals of your bicycle, your feet deserve the best. It’s Time for Foot Love……………………………