Coollayer baselayer, stay cool in summer.


CoolLayer Baselayer
Warm or cold rides, this base layer is your friend in both conditions. The CoolLayer keeps you relatively warm when it’s cold, and keeps your body dry from sweat when it’s hot. The seamless construction makes this base layer very comfortable and a good choice for every ride.
The best cycling base layers shouldn’t be underestimated. The largely unseen base layer is often the foundation for staying comfortable on the bike whether that be helping us to stay warm or cool.

When combined with one of the best cycling jersey’s just like the Kilmallock Cycles cycling jersey, a good base layer will help you stay comfortable and dry and really feel like a key layer of protection. Base layers can be used all year round by regulating body temperature and managing moisture build-up on the inside of your cycling clothing.

Base layers are there to help move sweat away from your body, so ideally your cycling base layers should be a relatively tight fit and sit close to your skin. The base layer will trap a layer of air between your skin and the garment itself whilst wicking sweat away to the material surface to ensure you stay comfortable and dry. Choosing the correct base layer for warm or cold conditions will keep you comfortable and allow you to focus on the riding.
In warm weather or when completing indoor workouts, a lighter-weight base layer can help keep you cool by moving any sweat away from your body and helping it evaporate which will help keep you cool and comfortable. Sweat-soaked kit against bare skin can feel uncomfortable so an effective base layer should help minimise any discomfort.

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  • Allround base layer jersey with seamless body
  • Coolskin is an ultralight and open polypropylene fiber that keeps you cool and dry in warm conditions
  • The open mesh structure promotes airflow between the fabric and the skin
  • The push-pull effect sucks sweat away from your skin and pushes it to the outer layer
  • Flat lock stitched seams for extra comfort