Clean – bike 7 – powerful bike cleaner


Cleaning your bike after every ride can be a tedious affair.
But with the right products you can do it in no time at all and even enjoy cleaning your bike.
Good maintenance is indeed essential for keeping it in good condition.
Clean has been specially developed to make this as easy as possible.
You see the difference straight away.

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  • Quick and thorough cleaning of the handlebars, frame, fork, click-in pedals, wheels, … .
  • Removal of dried dirt, sweat, sand, dust, etc. from stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, lacquer, rubber, carbon fibre, … .

    Always use this cleaner on a wet surface. So wet your bike first and then choose the way you want to clean the bike:

    Either use the handy foam trigger to treat the whole bicycle with Bike7 Clean, allow it to act and rinse the bicycle with running water afterwards. The new foam trigger ensures better sticking foam and thus an even better effect. So you also know where you have already applied the product and where not.

    Either spray Bike7 Clean onto the Bike7 Rasta and, if necessary, also onto the dirtiest areas of the bike. Rub the bike in and then rinse it with running water.

    Use of a high-pressure cleaner is not necessary. Use of too high a pressure (more than 40 BAR) can also result in water penetrating into the bearings.

    If you have first degreased your transmission with Bike7 Degrease, Bike7 Clean will create an emulsion in contact with the mixture of Degrease and dissolved lubricants. Thanks to this emulsion the dirt is lifted from the frame and easily flushed away.  In this way you also avoid greasy streaks on your frame when wiping your bike dry.

    Bike7 Clean is the ideal cleaner if you ride with our Pro Wax. When cleaning your bike with only Bike7 Clean, you can indeed only remove the dirt and worn film of Pro Wax around the chain. It does not affect the Pro Wax in the chain. So you only need to apply 1 layer of Pro Wax afterwards as maintenance.

    Bike7 Clean is effective and safe for all types of bicycles and E-bikes.

  • Clean


    • Colour: transparent amber.
    • Odour: pleasant fresh odour.
    • Condition at room temperature: liquid.
    • Flammability: non-flammable.
    • Solubility: fully water-soluble.
    • pH: 9.
    • Biodegradable: yes.
    • Shelf life: 36¬†months, dry, cool and frostfree.