Airspeed co2 pump

AirSpeed / Minipump

Inflate your tire in seconds
Inflate your tires in seconds. And without any blood sweat and tears. The Airspeed is easy to use, compact and as the name says, all about speed! Just screw the cartridge onto the inflator and your tire is pumped up before you know it. The CO2 cartridge has a foam cover to protect your frame while attached to it. Don’t make it too difficult for yourself, use the Airspeed and safe some time to go for that extra loop.

CO2 cartridge inflator
Simple and safe operation
16 gram cartridge and protective cover included

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  • ColorsBlack
  • CO2 volume (gr)16
  • Compatible valvesPresta/French, Schrader/Automotive
  • Pressure typeHigh pressure
  • MaterialAluminium
  • Valve connectionDirect
  • Weight (g)74
  • CO2 cartridge

    CO2 cartridge

    CO2 cartridge inflator



    Simple and save operation

    16 grams

    16 grams

    16 gram cartridge and foam protection cover included