Winter Jacket & Leggings Kilmallock Cycles Brand.

NEW,    our very own Cycling Rocks Kilmallock Cycles brand of winter clothing has just arrived in time for Autumn, winter and even spring cycling. The Winter Jacket is top class, comfy and the best winter jacket, to keep the winter cold, and wet weather out, and yes, feeling happy and snug on the inside. The Jacket is bright in stunning bright colour and has 3 large High-Viz back pockets and also an extra small, zipped back pocket, handy and safe for storing your keys and a few euro for a coffee on a long winter bike ride. The bib leggings have a comfy quality chamois so important to keep you comfortable on the saddle and the leggings keep you warm and dry this winter. Excellent fit around the legs and so comfortable. I can’t wait to cycle in the new Kilmallock Cycles gear at every opportunity this cold winter weekend cycling. Bring on winter I’m ready. Remember, Be safe, Be seen and happy while cycling this winter. Cycling Rocks at Kilmallock Cycles. Fitting room in store to ensure you buy the correct comfy size. Call today.

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